Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Holidays are Here

Hooray for Holidays!!!

The kids were all in need of a break and a rest. (So was Mum, no more making packed lunches and no yelling at Kloe to get ready, for two whole weeks, )

The next week is suppose to be cold and wet!! So we won't be doing a lot of outdoor activities. Lots of craft, board games and cooking will be on the cards.

Sunday we went to Trevor and Katie's house (Guy Chris works with) for a BBQ lunch. They are renting a 50 acre farm about 20 minute drive from here. They have a calf, chooks and native koala's. The kids fed the calf, collected eggs from the chooks and then went in search of some koala's. They didn't have to go far, there was one in the tree at the end of the driveway. It was so cold outside you could actually see your breath (The kids say it's SMOKE!!) so we all had to go inside and eat (Thank goodness) They have a fireplace which was lovely. We all have put our order in........WE WANT ONE TOO!!! It was a nice afternoon and we plan on having everyone at our place this Saturday.

Chris had the day off yesterday, as he worked on Saturday. Chris and Zac errected a temporary fence on the side, in readiness for our shed. Some of the colourbond fence had to come down, as that is where the shed is going. They took some of the panels away and it looks so much better already. Why would you have 10 acres of land and have a closed in colourbond fence, sectioning off a small backyard??????? Makes you wonder. All the colourbond fence will come down as soon as the shed is built and then we will get new wire fencing. Micaela went into Town to hit the shops. This is becoming a regular thing!!!

Kloe's class had a Trash and Treasure stall last week at school, that's what all the cupcakes were for. I was lucky and got first pick at anything as I helped set up the stall and sell things. I got a brand new Video on Kakadu (it was still in plastic) for 20c. Yes 20c, bargin!!! Everyone watched it and all got very homesick!!! They all want to go back......all expect ME, that is. Gorgeous place to visit and see, but not live........very difficult.

Micaela is off to her friend Stacey's house today to go horse riding. She is so excited. Hopefully the rain will hold off, so she gets to go riding. I am off to the doctors this morning. Jarred has yucky eyes, conjunctivitis. No bulk billing here, so it is a very expensive trip to the doctors. I think we were spoilt in Jabiru. No appointments, you just walked in, saw the nurse, she handed over whatever you needed and you were on your way again. It cost nothing!!!! Ok, so there are some things I miss.

Have a great week!


The Salisbury Family said...

Poor Jarred sick again, so is miss Zoe, chest ears and eyes, I too miss the nurses lol-

Sounds like you are really settled in there, give the kids hugs from us all


baams said...

Hey it's warm here!!