Monday, July 23, 2007

Some more Pic's

This was the beautiful sunrise this morning

Look at the amazing seats Chris whipped up on Saturday afternoon using old fence posts. Pretty clever. Jarred and Kloe had fun walking along them in the afternoon and then we had a fire in the evening to try them out.

Need a tripod for night time shots. Love the fire in this photo.

The assessor came last week and took one look at the floor and said it will all have to be replaced. Which is good and bad. I'm please because the floor will all match but it is going to be a huge job. It looks like we will have to move out of the house while it is being done. The floor runs from one side of the house to the other, and all places inbetween. Thank goodness for insurance, it is going to cost a fortune!!!!

1 comment:

The Salisbury Family said...

The kids are growing up so much, love the seats!

Gorgeous pics too.

Sorry to hear about the floors, but they will look lovely when they are finished.

And last of all- that sky pic is absolutely divine!