Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Almost four seasons in one day

We have just returned from school. We have almost had four seasons in one day!!!! All except the heat. It is currently 3 degrees, has rained, hailed and even was sleeting. They had warnings on the radio about black ice on the roads. Probably nothing new for Victorians. But for us it is a big, new experience!!! The kids thought the hail around school was so cool!! They are saying if the temp continues to drop we may even see snow before the day is out. Now that would be COOL!!!!! We were expecting a top of 8 degrees today, it got to six about 11am and then started to drop. Tomorrow is suppose to be even colder.

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Brian said...

Sounds like the freezer would be warmer. We expect to get it here later in the week. Currently 25 over night and 15 during the day. Might be time to move back north.