Monday, July 09, 2007

Time for a change

Well do you know how difficult it is to get four children in one place, at one time, to take a picture of them???? With all of them looking like they are enjoying the experience?????

We went to the park this afternoon and I took so many pictures I ran out of memory. But I only got a few that are worth using. Better than none!!! It was a lovely sunny day today. It was 11 degrees on the way to the park......and it was beautiful in the sun. I'm getting worried what it will feel like when it warms up.

Had a great weekend. We had people over for lunch on Saturday, which was really nice. Lots of cooking, but it all turned out really well. I made way too much food and we were still eating left overs tonight. Sunday we all went to the movies to see Shrek 3. It was a first!!! We have never all gone together...all six of us that is. We all enjoyed it.

We are into our second week of holidays already. Wow!! the time flies. It will be back to school before we know it.

Have a great week


Brian said...

It only got down to 1 here last night. Daily temp is around 27, clear blue sky and no cloud.
The left over food sounds like normal you always cook more than needed.

Brian said...

That should be 11 not 1!!!