Saturday, July 14, 2007

So it continues.........

Still waiting on someone to come and try and dry the carpets. They were suppose to come yesterday but couldn't make it. They are suppose to be coming tomorrow. From our discussion on the phone it looks like Jarred/Kloe's and Micaela's carpets may have to be replaced. The timber floor is getting worse by the hour. It has risen all down the hallway and into the kitchen/dining area. The insurance company have someone coming from Melbourne on Tuesday to have a look at it and see what can be done. On a brighter note the lovely air con man found two fan blades late Friday afternoon for us and came back about 6pm to put them on. So at least we have heating......but who knows for how long!!!!

Today we spent in the garden. Well attempting to make a garden. Chris was preparing the area for the veggie garden. We are going to have five beds. And I went for a long ride on the lawn mower. We actually have some grass and our yard is looking the best it has, since we have moved in. Put some more mulch on our total of 4 trees in the front yard. We don't even know if they have survived the drought, will have to wait until spring. Then I started laying bricks out to make a path from the turn around driveway to the house. Went to Bruce's to check the birds and fed them. Thank goodness all are still living. He comes home tomorrow. We got home and Chris was bring our birds inside and he says "uh-oh" "What now?" One of our birds was dead in the bottom of the cage. Jarred was in tears. Micaela is at her friends house tonight so doesn't know yet. There will be lots more tears to come.

Hopefully this will be the last of our bad luck!!!!

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