Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cooking, Cricket and Christmas Parties don't these look yummy? Yesterday we cooked. We made these little puddings, yum yum balls (I'm sure they have a proper name but the kids have always called them this) and cookies and cream slice (Jarred and Kloe have renamed this slice 'Mud Slice' they thought the bottom layer looked like mud LOL)
Chris had a good win in cricket. They almost won out right. But the umpire called end of play, they weren't too happy.
Last night Iluka had a Christmas party on, but the kids were not invited. So we said we were not going. We had a better offer, of a family Christmas party. So off we went to the cricket christmas party. Most of the guys are single or with partners. Only one other couple has two kids. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner. Then there was a surprise visit from a very merry 'Santa'. Jarred and Kloe thought it was fantastic. Elliot did a fantastic job as Santa, promising all the kids ponies for Christmas. He has been told, he better come through with that promise! The kids had a great time playing cricket and hiding and finding the lollies Santa brought. On the way home we went in search of Christmas lights. We found quite a few houses with wonderful light displays.

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Brian Bailey said...

I went to Port last night to ECC's Christmas party at the Yacht club. The food was fantastic.
The weekend was very tiring, to much sun, heat and not enough sleep and all those cars to clean before and after Saturday night. Never mind it will be worth it if we raised the target of $40,000 we were after.