Monday, December 03, 2007

Our Weekend

I got into trouble the other day for not up dating my blog enough (Sorry Dad)

Zac came home a very tired boy from Camp. He said he had a good time, yes that's about all he said. He is a man of very few words. Micaela had a friend stay over (Nothing new there!!) Kloe was not well with a temp and sore back????

Morning was spent making Reindeer Candy Canes.

Chris went to cricket, oh yeah.....I forgot, I'm not to mention the "C" word. Very sore point this weekend. They lost in a big way, not happy. Saturday afternoon the kids went over to our neighbours and watched them shear their sheep. Kloe had a turn of shearing. Jarred didn't want to. Uncle Steve looked after them well with cans of Coke and icecream. They love going there, I wonder why? I spent the afternoon doing the three layouts below for the Cyber Crop over at DIVA'S.

Saturday night Chris was out in the paddock and stood on some wire/steel and it went straight through his work boots into his heel. Ouch! Both Micaela and Zac had friends over for sleepovers.


Chris was hobbling around with a sore heel and a sore knee from Cricket. He ended up scoring for most of the day, as his foot was so bad he couldn't play. We made Reindeer Food.
Jarred and Kloe loved doing this. Such a great idea. We also made a Lolly Tree

Chris and Kloe have both been home today. Took Chris to the doctors to get his foot checked out. . He got a shot in the arm and told to stay home for a few days. Tomorrow we are off to Warnambool for him to get one of his wisdom teeth out. So he will have a sore arm, sore foot, sore mouth and a sore knee which he hurt at cricket. I think I should trade him in. Kloe was still not 100%. But she will be back at school tomorrow. Micaela has the day off tomorrow it is orientation day for next years, Yr 7 students and they need their classrooms.

Been busy this afternoon baking (again) cupcakes, Rach's shortbread and farm fresh quiche for dinner. We have been given so many eggs from neighbours and friends I had to use them up. I have also been busy making more Christmas gifts. But you will have to wait..........


Brian Bailey said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds as if you are very busy.

I meet Rachael and her family on Saturday night at the SEA FM Christmas party. I had the honor of taking Santa to the party for the kids. Sorry Rachael, Zac did not tell me that you were going to be there, hope that explains my vagueness.

I am doing a photo shoot this morning for Operation Rudolf at the Cairns Mail Centre. So I had better go clean the Caddy. I will update my blog site this afternoon with Pictures.

Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

sounds like you are having fun, i love this time of year, and will miss your mini christmas marshmallow puddings- although we are going to try them this year!

hope chris is feeling better soon

mwah! to all