Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look who came to Visit

This is a BROWN SNAKE. This BROWN SNAKE decided to come for a visit last night.
I was standing washing up and looked up and spotted it right next to the chicken coup. About 4 metres from the back of the house."Chris, get outside quick!!!" I didn't know it was a brown snake then. Micaela quickly took the dogs out the front and my greeny, tree hugging, animal loving husband, decided to watch it and leave it alone. He says it was just passing through. Arggghhhhhhhh! I hope it doesn't decide to pass through again. I have been on the snake look out all day.
This is Zac's project for school. He had to do a poster on Victoria. With Pop and Mum's help this is what we (Sorry, should say HE) came up with.

On Sunday we took Pop over to Mt Gambier, Port McDonnell and then to Portland. Dad has always wanted to go to Mt Gambier, so he got the chance.
I love this boy. He asks me to take photo's of him
Drilling Rig off Portland
This boy loves to cook. Tonight we made sausage rolls. And today I make this......... (and some muffins)
Have a great week


Rachael said...

Holy crud thats a snake!!! Guess who'll be having nightmares about snakes tonight? I'm useless I know.

Dad looks cold LOL - tell him how warm it is back here at home.

OMG Great project!!! I hope you all, I mean HE, gets a good grade ;)

And why doesn't my slice look THAT good? It tastes good so thats the main thing :)

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

You shoulda killed that brown snake, it's been a bad year for them and without wanting to scare you there's probably a few more around. Trust me, we've got them here on the farm - I totally freaked the other day when one slithered out from under the BBQ cover which I was about to pick up and put back on. I got up on the trampaline with both kids whild DH killed it.
Zach's school project is AWESOME. Big clap for him, talented kid (just like his MUM 'eh).
And that jelly slice is making me drool. Send some here please.
Hope you've enjoyed time with your Dad.
See you on Divas, Love H.