Saturday, October 14, 2006

Our Week

This week has flown by. After only a week of holidays it wasn't to hard to get back into the swing of things. We are averaging about 36/37 everyday at the moment and the humidy is starting to increase. Lots of cloud starting to build. Welcome to the 'Build Up' season!

Jarred was not to impressed that he had to go back to kindy on Wednesday after two days at big school. He really enjoyed "Big School" with Mum. He enjoyed tye dying a T'shirt on Thursday. He was so tired last night he had trouble keeping his eyes open and told us "His eyes were broken" Oh, what a laugh we had.

Kloe has enjoyed her week back at school and she can almost rememeber all of her sight words.

Micaela is the social butterfly as usual.... don't see her most afternoons. She is always busy off somewhere!

Zac started "Healthy Cooking" this week and was very impressed with the banana smoothy he made. He is so looking forward to his birthday! He also won a price because he scored a par.... hope that is right - today at golf.

The boys took the boat out this afternoon to Yellow Waters - lots of Croc's and Fish..... they could see them but could not catch them. Yeah..... Yeah.... same old story!

Tomorrow they are all off to East Alligator for another fishing experiment for Micaela's assesment.

We have three extra's tonight. Two of Micaela's friends and one of Zac's. Yes, we are definatly crazy!!

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