Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jarred is 5

Hooray.......Finally the day arrived!!! Jarred has been counting down for weeks. He was so excited to be turning five. He has been unwell for the last week. He had a cold, which turned into croup, then he was vomiting and then Monday night he couldn't sleep ,because he had an ear ache. But nothing stopped him from enjoying his special day, not even a trip to the doctors in the afternoon.

Opening presents. He got Army play tents (which Dad and Zac built the night before and had sitting in the lounge room for him, to get a surprise when he woke up), dinosaurs, clothes, singlets, socks, toy mobile phone, play animals, puzzle, cars and a new car mat.

Birthday time at Kindy. We made 'face' cupcakes to hand out to all of his friends.

For dinner we had 'Dinosaur soup'(Chicken noodle soup, made with dinosaur pasta) And Chicken Dinosaur shapes. Followed by 'Freddo Frog' icecream cake. Can you guess who put his order in for dinner?

and the big 5 year old

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Jarred had a fantastic day. He is looking forward to his 'Dinosaur' party on Saturday with all of his friends


marijana said...

HAPPY BDAY beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you ever come by this way Mel you have to bring Jarred to meet/play with Zhan as I can see they would have a ball-Zhan is a DINASOUR obssessed and has been for the last 2 yrs!!!! :)

HOPE YoU HAVE SO MUCH FUN at your party too!!!!!


countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

What a handsome, grown up young man you have there Mel. Wow, 5 'eh. Happy Birthday - what a great stash of pressies for him. Hope the party is great fun.

Nicole said...

Fantastic photos Mel. Love that last one.

Hope Jarred had a lovely birthday sounds and looks like he did


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a big grown up boy.

and Zoe says:

Happy Birthday Jarred. I like your cake. Bye bye jarred. Love from Zoe

Teina said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Jarred Looks like you had a good one LOve the cake and love Mums Photos Hugs to you

Brian Bailey said...

Happy birthday Jman I miss that little boy who once he could escape the house and come visit me knocking on the door calling Op,Op. Love you mate wish I was with you .