Monday, June 02, 2008

Kayla turns 14

Our big girl celebrated her 14th birthday yesterday.
Breakfast of pancakes - special ones for the birthday girl.
A few of the presents. We went shopping on Saturday and Kayla bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes with her birthday money. I was told I didn't have to wrap all of these up.
I wasn't allowed to take photo's, of the birthday girl early in the morning.
We went out for the day and had a lovely picnic lunch by the water and did some more exploring.

And I found a new use for fozz felt.
The traditional 'Oma' cake
Thank you to everyone, for your birthday wishes. You really made Kayla's day very special.


marijana said...

looks like you got LOTS for your bday Kayla!!!!
great cake Mel :)
I have used fozz for the same purpose too,and everyone asked where I got it from -lol

any left to send my way????(cake that is )


Anonymous said...

Great photos.

Happy birthday to Miss M for yesterday, looks like she got very spoilt!

Susanne Perry said...

Happy Birthday Kayla, looks like you had a great day & lots of new clothes too (what more could a girls want??), love the special pancakes- will have to keep that in mind for my little girls' birthdays.

Rachael said...

Happy belated birthday Chickie Boo!! 14 is a big year, I hope you make it through with many more joys than tears. Love that you got special treatment, especially those pancakes!! Many happy returns K
The M's.

Brian Bailey said...

So another year.... Happy Birthday Gran Baby, Good to see you get spoilt like you deserve.
Love Pop