Monday, March 20, 2006

Family Update

Chris has started his Uni study again for another year. He is still enjoying his challenging job(most days anyway!)

Micaela is enjoying school, she was awarded a merit award for her project on Ancient Egyptian Women. She has a very busy social life with friend always coming and going! She is also dog sitting again - big business in Jabiru, she gets $10 a day for feeding and walking dogs.

Zac is cruising in year 4 - he said it is all to easy! He also received an award for "Fantastic helper in the classroom" Shame he can't do the same at home! He is really enjoying his golf and plans on buying himself a set of clubs really soon.

Kloe is enjoying school and is now starting to read, write and knows lots of sight words. She is coming along really well. We now live across the road from her good friend from school - Leah. The girls are the same age and height! Yes..... there is someone else Kloe's size!

Jarred is enjoying Kindy once he is there - he has started playing games with me before he goes- making me feel very guilty! However once he is there he loves it. He is now riding a big bike with training wheels and is very proud of himself.

I am still busy setting up our new home with lots of cleaning and shuffling of things to be done. I am doing reading groups in Kloe's classroom every Wednesday morning(which she thinks is fantastic) and I was asked to take a cooking class every Friday afternoon for Interest Groups - which is for the whole of primary. I have a great group of kids aged from 5 to 12. This week we are making pizza! Oh and of course there is my scrapbooking which I really enjoy - just haven't had much time lately to do!

Other news of the Ams looks like there will soon be eight of us! NO,NO,NO.... I know what you are thinking! Micaela has begged us to come and look at her friends puppies. Dad finally gave in before Mum, and after looking at them on Friday afternoon, he also was in love! They are pure bred white lab's. The father looks just like Dude but white. Looks like we will have one by the weekend! There goes that really nice yard!