Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The New Bush View in our Back Yard

Thank you to all who kept us in your thoughts and prayers. We are all safe and well. Monica arrived about 2am yesterday morning, she lined us up nicely! She hit as a Cat 4 and then weakened to a Cat 3. She lasted for 2 hours before moving on. I had a few "Oh, my god moments!.....but I had to be brave for the kids. Poor Zac was so frightened he almost made himself sick. We were extremely lucky and escaped with no house damage, however outside is a different story! What's that saying "Looks like a Cyclone has hit" We had 5 big trees come down in our yard - one of which hit the roof and has left some nice dents in it. We were lucky and had power back on by 11am, parts of town are still without power or water - so we are lucky! The worst part part of the clean up is the "Green Ants" they are everywhere! There is a chorus of chain saws and mulchers going constantly as they try to clear the roads and get trees off houses. It will probably be months before they can clear the mess! There is no School for the rest of the week, so the kids are most impressed!

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