Thursday, September 04, 2008

Birthday Boy

The old boy celebrated his birthday yesterday. He was 39, 1 year off that ............big 40!!!!
We had a nice afternoon together. The kids had made special presents and cards for Dad. Jarred made a gold medal - which you can see in the photo's.

And what had everyone so interested in these photo's???? Oma and Opa sent scratchies. The kids were all very interested to see what Dad was going to win. He won $14

We had a lovely baked chicken dinner and a huge pavlova for dessert. We had a break from the traditional 'Oma' torte. We had an over supply of eggs that had to be used up. The Pav was enjoyed by everyone.


Brian Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Chris. That jacket looks better on you than me. Hope yopu had a good day.

Susanne Perry said...

Happy Birthday Chris, looks like you had a fabulous time!