Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chocolate/Lolly Trees

Especially for Joanne - thanks for popping in

Instructions for Chocolate/Lolly Trees - picture in the last post

Foam cone
Wrapped lollies or Chocolates

Push a pin through the end of each lolly/chocolate. Start at the bottom of the cone and pin lollies/chocolates into cone. Working your way around and up. Fill in any gaps with tulle or ribbon loops. You can decorate with a star or ribbon.

And a few other things I don't think I have posted yet

Chocolate Puddings

You will need:
Chocolate Crown Biscuits (the marshmallow ones)
White Chocolate
Spearmint leaves

Melt white chocolate, allow to cool, but not set. Drizzle over, Chocolate Crowns. Decorate with Jaffas and Spearmint leaves. Enjoy.

These make great gifts, wrapped them up in Cellophane. They are also a bit hit for Christmas parties.
Candy Cane Reindeers

Quick and Easy - great activity for the kids.

You will need:
Candy Canes
Chenille Sticks/Pipe cleaners (Antlers)
Pom Poms (Noses)
Plastic Eyes
Craft Glue

Glue eyes and nose (pom poms) onto the candy cane. Put Chenille stick under the curve, in the candy cane and twist around the top a few times. Shape the antlers any way you like.
Paper Star Decorations - You Tube Tutorial


joanne36 said...

Oh Melleny - you are just too sweet to blog the instructions for me. I had a think and thought that you may have used pins or maybe small brads. I thought I might print your photo out and give it a go so I came back for a look and there was my name and it was the biggest surprise because I read it and thought "that's me". I was shocked and excited - yes I know a tad sad but hey, it's good when little things make you happy I think. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to post it. I'm off to the shops today so I'll give it a go. Have a great day, Joanne

Ros said...

I love the christmas puddings. I make them every year but had never thought to use a jaffa. Saces cutting up raspberry lollies!

Do you mind if I was to use your photo on a scrapbook page for my album?