Thursday, March 19, 2009

A busy week

On Monday I was invited up to Balmoral (about 50 minutes from here) to teach a class of 14 lovely ladies, at the Bush Nursing Centre. The Centre is a community centre, that runs different activities for the local people. I was asked to take some of my work to show the ladies and give a little talk. I then showed them how to make a quick and easy Easter Basket (Yes, yes............I will be showing everyone else shortly) They put on a wonderful lunch, dessert and I was given a gift. It was such a nice day and I enjoyed it as much as the ladies. I have been asked to do some more classes, which I am looking forward to.
And this happy (no, she isn't allowed to smile, in cadet uniform) girl is going bush today. She has a few morning lessons and then they leave. It is only overnight this time. In May they go for a week in the bush. I am sure she will come home with lots of stories to tell

The last two weeks, I have been flat out 'creating'. Unfortunately it's either commissioned work or samples for SIA (Scrapbook Industry Australia) Tradeshow which is on in Sydney at the end of the month.
I can show you this - which is for a very special little girl....................


Anonymous said...

lol at the pink supre bag!!! You obviously can't take the girl out of the cadet!!!


Brian Bailey said...

I know who the card is for but what is her name???

Our cadet will brain them at the camp. If she can cope with the North of WA and the NT, country Victoria should not be a problem.

Nicole said...

PMSL love the 'look'


Joyce said...

Hope Kayla had a great time out bush :)

Looks like you have been having fun too! The card is gorgeous!