Sunday, September 27, 2009

We have babies

.......................of the chicken variety LOL!!! We don't have any clucky chooks, so Chris has been trying to get some eggs to hatch in an incubator. Unfortunately so far, it has not been successful. However a friend had a chook, that went clucky and they put some eggs under her. Mother Nature works wonders - we now have two little chicks. Our adopted Mummy is so protective and we aren't allowed anywhere near her babies. As soon as we go near her, she goes back in her box and calls the little ones. They are just so cute!!!


Kerryn said...

awwww how cute. My DS had an incubator set up at his kindy and all the kids loved seeing the chicks hatch and grow. They grow pretty quick!

Sheree said...

How adorable! I bet the kids are loving that. :)

Sheree xx