Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where have I been?

We decided to do some work on the front of our house. It has been something we have discussed and planned for such a long time. It's taken a while, but it's getting there. To think we had a few bricks as a step, this time last year. We now have a proper step, path and the start of a dry garden bed. We had a few 'big' issues with the first delivery of rocks. I shouldn't say we, as I was the one, that was not happy at all. The rocks looked lovely until it rained and washed all the sand off them and they turned pink!!!!! It's all fixed now, after much moaning and groaning and lots of very sore muscles and we are both very happy with the results.

Where the black mulch is, there will be plants. We are on the look out for some features to go into the beds (a big urn or some pots) and maybe some native grasses.

And this is the huge garden bed out the front. We have planted about 300 plants so far and we still need more

And I had to take a photo of these cheeky things, that come to check out what I was up to. The big brown bull is on loan from our friend. We are hoping to have a few new additions to the family soon.


Kerryn said...

Wow you have all been very busy! It's looking fantastic. You can come and do our garden anytime :).

Marisa said...

Mel this looks awesome! You have been very busy :)

Gail said...

My goodness wonder it takes you so long to water your garden! Looking fantastic though :)

Joyce said...

It looks wonderful! How are the back muscles feeling now?

Susanne Perry said...

That looks like a mammoth job Mel, it's coming along fabulously. It's going to look incredible once all those plants get established!

PS Happy Easter to you all.

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

The hard work is paying off Mel because your place looks absolutely wonderful, like something out of a magazine. Isn't it wonderful to have all that space around you. I know I could never live in town, let alone in a city ever again.

Deb said...

Mel your path looks sensational.
It will look even more amazing when you get the plants in.
You have a beautiful home.