Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is the latest addition to our family. Kayla has been asking and asking and asking, for a kitten. I have done everything to ignore her and say no. On Thursday she rang me from school, with a sad story about this little kitten that had been left there and they were going to send it to the pound. She begged and pleaded and in a moment of madness I said 'yes' she could bring it home. There were lots of conditions. It is her's and she is totally responsible for it. The kids are all in love with it and have been fighting over her. So far so good, I just hope she continues to behave herself.
And yes Dad it is a CAT!!!! No nasty comments from you ;)


Joyce said...

she is very cute, I hope she fits in well with the family.

Love Kaylas hair too. Looks fab.

Marisa said...

Oh Tiger Lily is a gorgeous kitty!

Brian Bailey said...

I will send you a Bush Python down. I have couple of 4 mitre ones here, that should more than do the job.