Sunday, May 30, 2010


This week my big girl will be 16. How did that happen? How is it, that I am the mother of someone, that can get her learners permit in a few days. I decided to play along with Deb and her Document with Deb challenge this week at SCRAPZ.BIZ. I journaled about how I feel about my girl. Thanks for the inspiration Deb.


Deb said...

oh mel, your page is beautiful. the colours are just gorgeous, as is Kayla.
You look too young to have a 16 year old!
Wish K a happy birthday from me.

Sheree said...

Such a beautiful page Melleny! Love it!

Sheree xx

Kerryn said...

Absolutely beautiful layout Mel!!

Chloe said...

That's scray hey! I can't imagine my kids being 16!!! Aargh!!! Love your LO very much!

Brian Bailey said...

HHMMMM how do you think I feel? how long have you been driving now?

All good but you grow up to fast as well.
Love you

Helen Kinsela said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. What a heartfelt page, so beautiful.

Monique said...

Time just flies by so fast, doesn't Mel - to fast.
Your layout is STUNNING by the way!