Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Kloe turns 11

It's our little princesses birthday today. Gosh her birthday comes around so quickly after Christmas. She has been planning her special day for a few weeks now.

We celebrated an early birthday before Dad went back to work. We all went to see Gulliver's Travels (by the way this is a great movie, lots of laughs) we had a picnic dinner at the park. Kloe helped me make a sponge cake filled with fresh cream and strawberries from the garden. We also made a peach pavlova roll. Kloe decorated the cake and was so proud of herself

She was up at 7am which is very early for her, considering she has been getting out of bed at 10am most mornings!!!!! She sat very patiently and waited until 9am, until the others had woken up, before opening her presents.

She got a new quilt, pillows, lots of clothes, pj's, Aqua Sand, swimmers, hat, glitter pens, knickers, earrings, a keepsake box, jigsaw puzzle and money.

After a breakfast of croissants. Her best friend Szara came over. We then went to the park and then out for lunch.

Photos taken on an old train, just down the road from us.

We came home and had icecream cake. All requested by the birthday girl.

The girls are currently playing. There is a big disco and movie night planned for tonight :)


Kerryn said...

Gosh she's growing up Mel!

Happy birthday to your princess :).

Helen Kinsela said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl, my goodness she's looking so grown up. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Susanne Perry said...

Happy Birthday to Kloe, sure looks like she had a fantastic day. She definitely is looking very grown up Mel.

Brian Bailey said...

Looks like you all had fun.
Happy Birthday Klo Klo love you

Monique said...

What a lovely family you have Mel - sounds like Kloe had a wonderful birthday.

Scrapz said...

Happy belated birthday to Kloe. Sounds like she had a wonderful day!