Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ahoy there me Hearties...........

Today Jarred's kindy class had a very special outing to see 'Pirate Pete' (the same one we saw in Huskisson - Aunty Donna will remember him well) I went along as a 'helper'. I didn't mind as it was a great chance to get some pictures.

Here is Pirate Pete

Jarred was delighted when he got me into trouble and "Pirate Pete" had me up, to help him sing, dance and do the actions, together with another poor innocent Mum from another Kindy group. It was all in good fun and totally embarrassing. My friend Jac took charge of my camera........just so I would never forget!

I am now the proud owner of a pirate bandanna, eye patch, flag and a 'Pirate Pete' cd. He also tells us our photo will appear on his Website in the next few days...Something to really look forward to LOL!

Jarred and Pirate Pete.

It was great fun. Jarred had so much fun.


Rachael said...

Yo ho ho, what bloody good time you look like you had!! I love that last photo - I so can't wait to see it all scrapped!!!

Brian Bailey said...

Good on you. Looks like it was not only Jarred that had all the fun

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

You make a great pirate Mel! And your pics are fabulous, you are a wonderfully talented photographer and your subject is totally gorgeous too.
I'm with Rach - cant wait to see it all scrapped INCLUDING the pics of you too LOL.
Love H.

marijana said...

LOL Mel!!! so can we have the link to his web???? :)
you look so COOOl pirate mel!! :)