Monday, April 21, 2008

You have come back to play......

Thursday I had the wonderful pleasure of doing Kindy Duty all day. This included another trip to see 'Pirate Pete'. It was so much fun, because we got to ride on the big bus 'twice'. Pirate Pete saw me walk in and says "Arrrrrrrr, you've come back to play with me again" I told him I was awake up to his tricks!!! It was funny seeing one of our dad's having to get up and help sing and dance. Poor Matt had just finished a shift (he is a policeman) he had a jacket over his work uniform - but that didn't go unnoticed. "Pirate Pete" picked on him even more. He said "Lucky I'm leaving town right after this, otherwise he might arrest me". It was fun, even if it was the same show, same jokes.....the kids just loved it.

On the big bus......right at back.

Saturday we got two new chooks. They will be ready to lay in about two weeks. Our girls are so nasty. You should have seen them bully the new girls. Chris built the new girls a separate pen. Apparently the new girls are called "Baked and Boiled" I think it will be a while before we are able to put them together. The weather has been lovely. Cool mornings and evenings but glorious during the day. Jarred has been asking to have a fire, because he wanted to toast marshmallows. So on Saturday night we had a fire. We had mini quiche's and cheese sticks by the fire (all except Jarred who decided he wanted noddles) Then we toasted marshmallows. It was almost a full moon, so it was a really bright evening and not too cold.

Yesterday was spent gardening, baking and cleaning!

Have a great week


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a ball!
Love the new pics of Kloe on the banner- very cute!

Have a great week

Brian Bailey said...

Looks like you have busy like I have been. Looks good by the fire.