Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Super Packed Weekend

We headed into Melbourne early Saturday morning to pick Kayla and Zac up from the airport. Their flight was slightly delayed. After getting them and all their luggage (lots more came home) we headed off to find Calder Park Raceway. For Christmas we gave Chris a voucher for a V8 Supercar Drive. It was icy cold and overcast. We sat outside and froze (the things I do to get some photo's) the two girls had to go back to the car, they were so cold. The boys however, were not letting the cold stop them from watching Dad - GO REALLY FAST!

All suited up and ready for action.

Waiting his turn - it was amazing how many people were there.

If Jarred could of, he would have been a passenger.

Finally in the car

Off and racing............................

Totally awesome was his reply when getting out. "Can you buy that again for me?"

We then headed into Melbourne to find where we were staying. We had an apartment in Brunswick, a few hundred metres from Lygon Street. We put our stuff inside and went for a walk down to Lygon Street to have some dinner. We were all cold and hungry. We found a lovely Italian Place called "Crooners". If you are ever in Melbourne and want a great place to eat, make sure you check this place out. The food was amazing. Everything we ordered was delicious. We all shared our dishes around. We walked back and watched a movie (thanks Uncle Paul) Well we watched 1/2 of it - we were all exhausted.

Sunday: We went on a tram ride

These two were so excited about going on the tram

And after two tram rides and LOTS of walking we found the Museum.

They had a special exhibit called "Hatching the Past" All about dinosaurs for our dinosaur crazy boy. It was fantastic - very hands on. We all loved it.

We had a super quick look around some of the Museum - Kloe in the olden day house

And of course Kayla wanted to see Phar Lap - this horse is huge.
In the afternoon we took the kids to see their first live footy match at the MCG. Sydney Swans V Hawthorn. It was a Hawthorn home game. Heaps of Hawthorn supporters. We had fantastic seats. Kayla was cheering very loudly, unfortunately - it didn't help. The Swans lost.

Another Tram ride around the city. And Lots, and lots and lots of walking. We walked along Lygon Street past all these lovely places to eat....nope the kids wanted to go back to where, we had dinner the night before. We didn't complain. The food was just as good the second night. We were all exhausted by the time we got back. We watched the 2nd half of the movie and went to sleep. Monday it was time, to hit the road and return home.
It was a super, jam packed weekend.


cranki said...

hi mel,
loved the v8 pictures. Keegan was very impressed.

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

What a great w/end in Melbourne, very busy but sounds like a heap of family fun. They are awesome pics my girl, what camera do you have?
Thanks for the heads up on the restaurant because we're heading to Melbourne in August for a quick break.

Brian Bailey said...

Theres a resterant at southern end of Lygon st call Lambs or Lambies it has great food.