Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Challenges

Challenges are always great fun. It makes you think outside the box.
Jarred has been sick first with a cold, that turned into croup, which then resulted in a very sick little boy. The doctors verdict was 'viral'. He hasn't been eating or sleeping very well. No kindy for him this week. He missed out on doing a town tour excursion. He is slowly getting better. He is a Queenslander and not used to this cold, wintery weather. He has now shared his germs with Kayla, who has a cold. She isn't a good 'sick' person. She hates being sick.
Kayla has started cooking this term. Today she brought home a veggie quiche which was really yummy. Last year this girl, didn't want to know about cooking or sewing. Now she can't wait to do it.
Kloe is doing really well with her school work and reading. She is reading so well now. She has made a really good little friend. I say little because she is the same size as Kloe. Everyone else towers over these two little girls. Szara is coming over for a play tomorrow after school, Kloe can't wait.
Zac - well, what can I say about this boy. Zac is Zac. He grumbles, he groans, he moans. But I wouldn't be without him.


Wendy said...

wow gorgeous it

Brian Bailey said...

J man would be cold here as well. We have been down to 9 deg on Tuesday night. It's freezing.
Sorry to heard that he is sick, better move back here??
Zac needs a challange, Find him a project (old car)n to work on he wouild be in heaven.

phatassphairy said...

great jobs on the lay outs the colours