Monday, August 04, 2008

Baa Baa

Yep it's that time of the year again in Hamilton. It's Sheepvention Time. The biggest event in Hamilton and it's all about sheep. Sheep, sheep and more sheep. The kids are very happy about 'sheep' today. All the schools in the area have the day off - to celebrate.We are called the 'Sheep Capital of the World'. When you go to Sheepvention you know why. You have never seen so many different types of sheep. BAAAAAAAAAA!!!!I am glad we decided not to go this year. It's been raining this morning. You would need gumboots and a portable fire place to be comfortable.

Our DT member Tania (Chilli) is running photography and photoshop tutorials at DIVAS. This fortnights challenge was to use your camera in 'P' mode. These two photo's were taken in the same spot just using different settings. Oh and facial expressions LOL!

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marijana said...

love the facial expressions:)wow what a difference in the photos:)