Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Kloe was all dressed up in pink yesterday and she looked so pretty. I asked her if I could have a photo or two. She said I could, if her precious Strawberry the teddy, could have some too.

Open morning at school turned into morning and afternoon. Jarred got a bit bored with all the speeches in the morning session. We then went on another school tour, with some lovely Year 12 students. I think I know this school better, than their current school. Kayla has her interview this morning. Fingers crossed we get a very quick acceptance. She will start next term, so she is able to get her subject choices for next year. The next few weeks are going to be very busy getting organised for it.
Have a great week


phatassphairy said...

they are cute Mel ...and that teddy looks like it is drowned in love ......

and i hear what your saying about schools ....we have had a bit of drama getting the kids into schools ..but all has panned out ....but i have 3 kids at 3 different schools ATM ....i am hoping i can pull some strings and get 2 into the same high school .before the start of the year ..but good luck with school orienteering days :)

Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous series of pics...cant wait for that to be scrapped