Saturday, August 23, 2008


I hope you were sitting down and haven't fainted with shock.

I have had, lots of reminders that my blog hasn't been updated.

Life has just come first, in the last few weeks and there hasn't been time for blogging.

- It's been cold and wet. Everything is muddy, but so lovely and green.

- Kloe has been swimming with school ,for the last two weeks. Surprise, surprise she got a cold after the first week and couldn't go for a few days. It's a bit hard when the outside temp is single figures and they are going swimming. Even if it was at the indoor pool. She is on the mend which is the main thing

- Zac has his interview for Monivae(Catholic college) for next year on Thursday. He is a man of few words but did very well in his interview. I don't think he has ever said so much in a short space of time. We had a school tour on the same day and he was offered a position for next year in Year 7.

- Zac had an orientation day yesterday at Monivae. He was the only one, from his school there, which was a bit scary. He was introduced to some boys in the morning. He seemed to have a good day. He even cooked and did music. He wasn't too sure about moving schools - he has a few really good friends where he is, but he is coming around to the idea and is actually happy about it. He is a very smart kid and he needs the opportunity to shine and not get caught up with all the bad influences of his current school.

- Kayla has her interview at Monivae on Monday. After lots of discussion and finally us insisting, she is also going to be changing schools. She will start next term, as she needs to make her subject choices for Year 9. She has finally accepted she needs a better learning environment and a better social environment. Fingers crossed it will all work out for the best. It's been a very hard decision, but one that we both feel is necessary.

- Jarred has been a very social little boy. He has had a few birthday parties to attend in the last few weeks. He just loves going to them. He always makes special cards and presents for his friends.

- Jarred had book week at kindy last week. On Wednesday he dressed up as Batman and on Thursday he was Spiderman - no surprises there.

- Kayla is back to cooking every Thursday. We all love her cooking days. As soon as she gets in the car, we are all asking what she has made and can't wait to eat it.

- Kayla and Zac have both been having sleeps overs. Last weekend they both had a friend stay for the whole weekend.
- Chris is now on the cricket committee and has been busy organising sponsorship for the coming season.

- Chris bought himself a chainsaw the other week. Got a bargain from ebay.

- I meet a lovely lady who has recently moved to town. She is a Stampin' up demonstrator (Cards and Stamping) We have had, two get togethers already and plan on making it a regular thing. She has a four year old daughter and her and Jarred get on like a house on fire.

- My scrapbooking has taken a backseat lately. I just haven't' had the time to sit and do much at all. Well not as much as I would like.

- Thanks to my friend Rach, I have started stitchery items for Christmas. Jarred got so excited when he saw Christmas stuff - very hard, trying to explain to him that it takes a long time to make these thing and I have to start very early. He keeps asking how many sleeps - so cute.

I'm sure there is a million other things - I just can't think of them at the moment.

Some recent pages - all for challenges

Stitchery in progress
Pizza making the other week - they all made there own pizza's
Kayla's Elmo bag she made for Textiles
Ok, that will do me for today. Hopefully next time it won't be as long inbetween posts


Rachael said...

yay you blogged!
LOVE the elmo bag. i can't wait to see the full stitchery all finished

Wendy said...

gorgeous layouts and sure have been the Elmo bag too

Nicole said...


Mel, love love love the work.