Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's been a busy week

Tee Ball Thursday
It's that time of the year again with Zac playing Tee Ball for the school every Thursday afternoon. They have a really good team this year. Last week they won 39 to 12. Today they won again 25 to 20, even with two players down.

Kloe's school had a special art exhibition on tonight. We went straight from school, to Tee Ball and then onto this. They had filled, the school gym with all the children's artwork from the year. It was so well put together and some of the artwork was amazing. We had a sausage sizzle for dinner and then all the grades sang a song. It was a lovely community event with lots of people there.

And tomorrow it's the 'Monster child's' birthday. I do say that, with lots of love and affection. What else would you call a boy who is born on Halloween. He is most impressed, with the 'Spooky Treat' bags, I have made. I found some cool, sour slime, sludge bars and brain buster lollies today - his response 'wicked'. Still can't believe, my boy is going to be 12.

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Brian Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Zacaroo. Have a great day I wish I was there with you.