Wednesday, October 08, 2008

School is back

school has started and the merry go round begins again............................
4 different drop offs, 4 different pick ups, after school activities, kindy duty, school reading, packing lunches and homework. Did I ever tell you how much I love holidays?

We had a great holiday. We didn't do very much at all. Lizzie came for a visit which we all enjoyed. Most of the time we stayed at home and did stuff here. It was nice and relaxing and a good recharge for the batteries.

Quick family update, as I know some of you, are so bored with all the scrapping.

Chris is working hard. He is off to Perth again next week. The cricket session has started. He is captain of C Grade and also on the committee.

Kayla is loving her new school and has made so many lovely new friends. She is back to being her bright, happy, bubbly self. Which we are so pleased about.

Zac still thinks school is boring. He doesn't like his teacher this year. Hopefully next year it will be more challenging for him. Psssst - he has a girlfriend. Her name is Crystal, but I didn't tell you. He has suddenly grown up in the last few weeks. Suddenly the appearance and hair, is very important, I wonder why? I am not complaining one little bit, I couldn't get this kid to brush his hair, not that long ago.

Kloe is doing really well at school. She is having a sleep over, at her friend Szara's house soon and is so excited about it.

Jarred was counting the sleeps to Kindy went back - this kid is so ready for school.

And a few pages I can share with you. I have been working on other projects - you will have to wait for those :)

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