Friday, November 27, 2009

A little Christmas fun

A few more, quick and easy ideas.

Jaffa's as Rudolph Noses

and of course this fun one for the teenagers or someone with a sense of humour. You can use any type of chocolate that resembles poop - I used clinkers this year.
The quote on the back read: A lot of time, effort and energy went into making this special gift for you - Enjoy!!
and a bit of recycling - I have used some plastic lids to package up my chocolate puddings.

Keep an eye out in the Scrap.Biz FORUM for a tutorial on how I make my labels.


Lynette Jackson said...

Love these cute little gift ideas Mel. Just wondering where you find those cute clipart pictures??

kathie said...

Ah, aren't these the cutest? Great idea Mel!

Marisa said...

These are so cute Mel, love them!

Teek said...

Hi Mel
Love your cute little gifts. I was wondering how you make the fold over labels for the tops of the plastic bags. I have tried to do this many ways and they all seem very time consuming. Just thought that you might have a quick and easy way especially when you are using different sized bags!
I loved looking at all your ideas last year for xmas and am looking forward to more this year.
Thanks Tanya