Monday, December 07, 2009

Meeting Emily

After many months and months(it's actually been almost a year!!!), we finally got to meet Miss Emily. This gorgeous little girl belongs to my, just as gorgeous friend Michelle. Michelle and I meet while I lived in Melbourne for a year, when I was 13. We have stayed friends ever since. It's one of those friendships that has stood the test of time. We just click. It doesn't matter how much time in between visits, phone calls or emails - we just pick back up, where we left off. Michelle had Emily in February and we have only seen photos of her. On the weekend we got to meet her and catch up with her Mummy. It was a very short visit and we wanted to keep them forever. But I am so thankful for the time, we got to spend together. This little girl is the sweetest little thing and made my heart sing, when she got out of the car and put her hands straight out to me. A very special thank you, to Michelle's, Mum and Dad who drove the 3.5hrs each way and stayed overnight so this could happen.

and a little outfit I made for Emily


Sheree said...

Oh little Emily is such a cutie! Love the outfit you made her Melleny...very pretty. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time catchig up!

Sheree xx

Emily Mae said...

I am a little biased but I think she is beautiful too! Loved catching up with you, Chris and all the kids. I still cannot believe how much they have grown up since we last saw each other.

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Mel, such friendship is rare these days isn't it, but so, so beautiful and precious. How wonderful you did manage to squeeze some time together and meet their darling little girl, she's gorgeous. And the outfit is so adorable.

Angela said...

It is fantastic your friendship has stood the test of time! And such an adorable outfit too! clever girl you are!!!