Thursday, December 31, 2009

We have been painting

It's Kloe's birthday very soon and all she wanted for her birthday was her room painted. She has been bugging us for months. She picked out the paint colour, she wanted 'pink' no surprises there!!!! Santa gave her a new quilt cover, sheets and pillow. I think he must have known something. Matching curtains, pillows, lamp and wall art are coming very soon;)
Don't you love the 'all pink' outfit too?

A few days before Christmas I decided to paint the laundry and toilet. When we bought this house, most rooms had only been painted once. Some not at all. The couple we bought the house from, tried to save money when building and paint themselves. We had big plans to paint straight away but it just never happened. Slowly,'s happening. The laundry - I know I showed you a photo a little while ago and you probably won't see much difference but I do!!

and while on painting. I don't think I ever showed you the 'Ben 10 Alien Green' room
It's very green and he loves it! I still need to do some pictures for the walls.

Next is the hallway - that is a very big job


Brian Bailey said...

om looks nothing like your old study.

Sheree said...

The new colour look so pretty Mel! I'll bet she loves the result!

That green wall looks fantastic too! I'm sure my boys would love it!

Sheree xx