Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cold, wet and windy with a touch of sunshine

It's been very cold, very wet and very windy. I know it's Winter and that is what you get here in Winter, but I am longing for warmth and sunshine. During the week we had one day - yes that is right 'One Day' that was sunny. Still icy cold, but sunny. The kids spent the afternoon outside. It's been such a long time, since I pulled the camera out and just captured everyday things.

Kloe and Jarred making quicksand and a river.
Zac even got his bow and arrow out, for some target practise on a bale of hay.

And this little man is less another tooth, he is sending the tooth fairy broke.
Honey and Missy our cows. Look at those very fat bellies, there is babies in there. So exciting. They are due around Christmas time.
Another two new additions to the family. We have lost another two chooks in the last few weeks. They get old and get egg bound, not nice but it's become a fact of life for us all.
And Princess Lilly, this cat is the most adored and spoilt cat to live.

As some of you may have read, I got some very unkind comments on this blog, which made me rethink the whole blog thing. Yesterday I reopened the comments and this morning I woke up and received the most lovely comment, from someone I don't know. It made me smile and has given me some faith back in the whole online thing. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a beautiful comment. You have added some sunshine in my day xoxo


Brian Bailey said...

It is good to see the comment section back.
On the weather it only has 14 days to warm up it is currently 28 here and I have to fly into that cold.....bugger

Kerryn said...

So glad you have opened the comments back up Mel, I've missed being able to let you know I've visited.

Looks like the kids had fun... in the mud. Hows the stress levels watching them play in the mud, I go nuts when my kids play in the dirt... poor kids LOL.

Sonia said...

Hi Mel glad to see the comments open and some lovely supportive words for such a lovely lady. Looks like the kids have been haivng a ball as usual! Take care of yourself, Sonia x

Susanne Perry said...

Hopefully the negativity will stay away & you can be at ease, you & your family deserve nothing less Mel. It does look like lots of fun on your farm & baby cows on the way- how exciting!!!

Scrappergirl said...

Hi Mel, love the cows. Takes me back to my childhood growing up on the farm.

scrapnut said...

Hi Melleny, I am glad I persisted in joining google so i could leave a message last night.It was my first time I had visited your blog, and it made me feel warm & fuzzy,with your amazing art accommpanied with pics and was like a visually great book.I got to November 09, can't wait to enjoy the next and previous chapters ))))

All the best


Helen Kinsela said...

Glad you've decided to re-open the comments because I loved letting you know that I'd visited.
What great pics of those everyday things, it's something I need to do more of. Congrats to Kayla on that gorgeous cushion, it's beautiful.
Hope you're all well, wont be long now til spring, hang in there :)

Angela said...

Wonderful news!!! Oh your animals are gorgeous!! And don't worry about the tooth fairy, she loves it! And the photo ops too! Gorgeous cushion... Obviously a very crafty family! (hugs) to you Mel!

Chloe said...

Really? I am so sorry to hear that you have received awful comments. Some people really have nothing better to do.

Your description of the weather fits my corner of the world too. Only difference is I LOVE wet and windy weather!

You have quite he farm going on there, btw! Can't wait to see your new baby when it arrives!