Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrap that Ad Round 3

The start of another week and a new Scrap that Ad challenge. This weeks challenge is based on the 'Not Happy Jan' Yellow Pages Ad. This is my sample page

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scrapnut said...

Not happy Mum" well thats what my kids would be saying if they had seen your blog.
I am newish to s/booking and have spent the last 3 hours drooling thru your blog to Nov 09.OMG you are the domestic goddess of EVERYTHING, not only the stunning grow veggies, bottle fruit,sew baby clothes,paint walls,shoo snakes, move rocks, and the xmas baking !! even reindeer poo..but my fav was the spare tooth keeper..keep up the good work, I need to have a lie down you made me so tired))))
All the best to your lovely family