Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Cricket Match for the Season

Cricket season has started again. There go our weekends for the next few months. Zac played his first game on Sunday. It was a very cold, overcast and gloomy Sunday morning. I was sure they would cancel the game - but no, the game went ahead. The boys had to put up with the icy conditions and the passing showers. They had to come off the ground twice because the showers got heavy. Zac doesn't usually feel the cold but he said, while he was batting his hands were numb and he was freezing. He opened the batting and scored 6 runs. It was a very close game and the other team looked like they were going to win. A few quick wickets at the end, changed all that and Zac's team ended up winning by 1 run


Monique said...

Hi Mel, looks like you HAVE been busy!!
What a bleak day for cricket - hardly right for a summer sport!
Hope the cricket days improve!

Angela said...

Hehehe! We always discouraged our boys from cricket!! congrats on being the opening batsman!