Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jordi's Grand Final

I'm still playing catch up with my blog posts. Jordi's (Kayla's boyfriend) team made it into the grand finals for footy. Kayla had been to every game except one this year. She only missed that one, because we were in Geelong that weekend. There was no way we could leave on our holiday, before we had been and watched him play in the grand final. The grand final was played on a cold and wet morning in Mt Gambier. It was a hard match with the rain making everything very slippery. The other team was up and looking strong. Jordi's team came out in the final quarter and came so close to winning. They just weren't strong enough on the day, which was a little sad but they did their best.

Jordi in action - playing in the ruck, he is the one with the ball, he can jump so high
And again, holding off two opposition players

And after the game

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