Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chocolate Puddings

This is a very big favourite in our house at Christmas time. You will need Arnotts Royale Biscuits, white chocolate melts, jaffas and mint leaves. Melt the white chocolate and leave to cool, drizzle over biscuit and add the lollies. An extra pair of hand (or two or three come in hand).
These also made lovely gifts. I have recycled a plastic lid (off some dounuts from Safeway I think) wrap in cellophane and add a little decoration.

Chocolate Trees

Another super easy recipe, that we use all through the year. At Christmas time they are trees, Easter we shape them into eggs. At other times just balls and we roll them in coconut.

200g Arrowroot biscuits crushed
1 cup coconut
2 Tbs Cocoa
1 tin of condensed milk
Mix it all together. Wet your hands and mold into tree shapes. Drizzle with white chocolate and sprinkle with something pretty. We only had 100's & 1000's.

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Kerryn said...

mmm might have to try these with the kiddies (as long as I make mince pies for hubby too otherwise I will be in big trouble!!).

Thank you so so much for your lovely words on my blog. Considering I started stalking you after you became a master I am glad you still consider me a friend LOL. Thanks love.