Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kayla turns 17

Time for some blogging updates. Yes, I know it's been a long time between posts. Kayla celebrated her 17th birthday on 1st June. It was a true Winters morning with a heavy frost. The day turned out to be sunny and warmish for the 1st day of Winter. She requested pancakes for breakfast. She wasn't too happy that Jarred and Kloe had a pupil free day and she had to go to school. Like last year she wanted her presents in the afternoon. Dad surprised her with a bunch of pink tulips the night before, when he came home. He bought them at the airport and carried them all the way home on the plane. She received pj's, knickers, socks, clothes, Ariat boots, soap, body lotion, a massage gift voucher from Jordi and lots of money for a future shopping trip. Dinner was chicken and leek pies followed by Masterchef Black Forrest cake, for the second year running. The cake takes hours to make but it's so worth the effort - YUMMO!!! The count down is now on until the 18th Birthday. She has big plans for that one!!!

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