Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Basketball quilt and more

I spotted this fabric and knew that Jarred would love a quilt made out of it. I cut out lots of squares, with a plan of mixing them all up. Jarred had others ideas. He sat and rearranged the squares over and over again. This is the end result. I tried very hard, to change his mind. There WAS NO WAY!!! This is the quilt that Jarred designed. He couldn't wait for it to be finished. He is dragging it around everywhere. Which I must say, is nice :)

I've also been working on another little something, for my new nephew Hayden. I was inspired by a blanket I saw on Raverly and just had to make one.
 And a nine square disappearing table runner.


Angela said...

Mel your quilt is gorgeous! and i'm sure now that your boy has had imput he will love it even more!! I am quilting again and I just love it!! hope you and your family are well! xxxxx

Kerryn said...

You are just too clever! They look awesome Mel!!

Rachael said...

the quilt turned out great!!! Hey, I made a dissapearing 9 patch table runner thislast weekend too! great to see you creating xxxx

Angela said...

Gorgeous Mel! LOVE that table runner!!