Friday, August 19, 2011

Owl heat pack

A few months ago I made several heat packs. I donated all but one of these, to the Mothers Day stall at school.

Last night World War III broke out!! Kloe has been taking the heat pack to bed each night and Jarred decided he wanted a turn. Oh boy these two are sure learning how to argue!!! It went on and on and on. I told them, they had to work it out. Kloe ended up giving in and stormed off in a huff. Today I thought I would make her, her very own special heat pack. I filled it with wheat and lavender. It's sitting on her bed waiting for her to come home. This will probably start a new round of arguing................ I plan on making another tomorrow :)


Moonie said...

so very cute... i have an owl just like this one but is full of stuffing.. x

Rebekkah said...

oh my gosh mel, its just gorgeous.. hopefully with one each they will stop arguing and give you some peace.. kids huh?

Gail said...

Oh tooooo cute :)

Mmm Jarred will probably want a new one now!

Kerryn said...

That is so cute! No wonder the kids want their own. You are a wee bit clever!! (Keep this up and you might start getting orders ;) ).

Sheree said...

That owl is SO cute Melleny! I bet she loved it when she laid eyes on it!

Sheree xx

amanda said...

Can see why they would be fighting over these cute little owls!!!
You should set up an etsy shop Mel.

Angela said...

I'd fight with my brother to have one of those too Mel LOL!

Totally gorgeous!!