Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Be prepared for the unexpected

At 9pm on Friday night, I found out Kayla had been invited to the Presentation Ball at School. Apparently she had been asked earlier in the week, and Kayla being Kayla didn't give an answer. She has a friend, who is a boy - no there is no boyfriend/girlfriend thing happening. He is in Year 12 and asked her to go. He went and bought tickets, so she had no choice but to go. She was in such a state on Friday night - OMG what am I going to wear??? This was a very formal event and she didn't have anything suitable. I have a few formal dresses, but nothing she thought looked right. Everything I had wasn't tight enough or short enough LOL!! So guess what we did early on Saturday morning??? We hit the shops, managed to buy her a nice dress, shoes, necklace, earrings and a bag. Which was a huge ask, seeing as we live in a very small town with limited shops. Just goes to show, it can be done.

Here they are together. Luke is so lovely and such a gentleman, he was so funny making jokes about the height difference (notice the step - it was Luke's idea!!)

And this is my monthly challenge page for Divas. Details can be found in the FORUM

During the week my two littlest bunnies were busy doing some Easter decorating

And another variation on the Easter Basket for 3 Angels. The design team at 3AS are very busy this month with Daily Happenings. There will be a challenge and samples posted everyday during the week, for the month of April. Lots of great projects and ideas. Check out the FORUM for more details.


Brian Bailey said...

That is not my Grand Baby..... O my god she has grown up.

She looks fantastic, bet you feel old now....

I think most boys are going to have the height problem with Kayla.

*Mandy* said...

Mel, she looks beautiful and so grown up. You did well to pull together that great outfit.

kathie said...

She looks beautiful! LOL, that none of your outfits were "good enough". I'm sure they were beautiful anyway ;)

Love the Easter basket.