Friday, April 03, 2009

Yay for Holidays

Today was the last day of school for Term 1 - Gosh it has gone quick. The kids all finished school early. Not even an hour later, Kayla said "I'm bored". She is missing her friends already.

Today is also a very special
persons birthday
Happy birthday to me lovely friend Rach
And a little creating

An empty Maya Road tin given a little love, ready for Kloe's little friends party tomorrow


Kerryn said...

Loving the easter inspiration! Enjoy the school holidays :), we still have one week here before ours start.

*Mandy* said...

That LO is soo beautiful Mel..just like ur daughter.. love all your little pressies

Marilyn said...

You have a lovely family. Those Easter things are so cute! Love your blog.

Rachael said...

thanks babe ;)