Friday, April 24, 2009

This week

- Sunday we spend the day out woodcutting. It was a great day, we all came home exhausted. We plan on going again, when the weather allows us.

- The kids all went back to school, back to running around, making lunches, homework.........

- Zac was not happy about having to wear long pants, long shirt, a tie and blazer!!!! He got over it after three days of tantrum throwing!!!

- Jarred and Kloe started swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons (an hour apart)

- Zac did cross country yesterday

- No creating this week, I am having a little break :)

The weather has been glorious and I have been enjoying the sunshine while it lasted. Cool change came through last night - we are expecting cold weather and rain for the next week. We desperately need the rain. I am hoping we actually get some.

Have a great weekend

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Nicole said...

sounds like a full on week, have weeks where I don't create either, good to just have that little break