Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Boy

It was Jarred's 6th Birthday on Wednesday.
He got a huge surprise with his new 'big' boys bike.

Before school

Ben 10 cupcakes ready for school. I made these while he was at school, so he got a surprise.

I took the cupcakes into school just before the end of the day.

The birthday boy requested Macca's for dinner
He wanted a Ben 10 ice cream cake. This ended up being really easy to make. I semi melted 5 litres of choc chip icecream (Jarred's favourite), lined a large cake tin, poured in the icecream, covered and let it set. Turned it out and then decorated. I printed off a Ben 10 picture and laminated it and then piped around it - popped it on the cake before serving. He just loved it!!!

Today we are having a 'friends' party for him, which is starting soon. More photos to come :)


Joyce said...

Happy Birthday Jared,
Looks like you had a great day- and the cake looks awesome.

Oh Mel its so hard to believe they arent those cute 2 year olds anymore!!

Hugs to all

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Hiya stranger, just catching up on all your blog posts. Lots happening with your kids as usual. Great pics of the kids' b'day celebrations. That Ben 10 cakes looks awesome, you are very clever. And loving all those LO's too, fab colours.