Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Birthday Girl

It was Kayla's 15th Birthday yesterday. Her day started with us waking her up, singing Happy Birthday and bringing her pancakes in bed, complete with candle on top. She is not a morning person and wasn't too happy with the bright cheery wake up. She requested presents in the afternoon, it felt a bit strange not giving her, her present in the morning. She went to school with a lunchbox full of little surprises. She had two exams on her birthday, which she wasn't very happy about. During the day I did a few things, so when she got home she got a lovely surprise.

Happy 15th Birthday to our Big Girl!!!


Kerryn said...

Loving the cupcakes! 15..... my goodness they grow up so fast. Hope she had a lovely day :).

Joyce said...

Please send our birthday wishes to the gorgeous Miss M, I cant belive she is 15! And also tell her I love her hair like that- it looks fab :)

Hugs to everyone else

Brian Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Gran Baby. Like I said yesterday Love ya

Rachael said...

Yay - photos!
Happy Birthday yet again sweetie - I'm glad you had a ripper of a day!!! Mummy, you did awesome - and love the dark candle pics!!!

Angela said...

They DO grow up so fast! your cupcakes look delicious!! and so do all your decorations!

Brian Bailey said...

Good to see the green grass through the window. Not like last time I was there in February, when the soil was so dry water just disappeared.