Tuesday, October 20, 2009

District Cricketer of the Week

I have been getting into lots of trouble because I haven't been posting much about the family.

Well I am going to try and post more.

On Saturday we watched the best cricket game, I have ever seen. We were busy doing things at home and didn't arrive until about 3pm at the game. We didn't miss much as Chris was saving all of his energy for bowling and didn't do anything with the bat!!!! Jarred and Kloe were happy there was a playground and they disappeared, which left Kayla and I on the side lines. Chris started bowling.......................and he got one wicket..........................and then another. Of course the cheer squad got louder and louder. Then he got a third, then a fourth, then a fifth......................but wait for it. He then got a sixth wicket. Wow it was so amazing, we were loving it!!!! And I was so upset because I didn't take my camera.

He was named District Cricketer of the Week and is currently the leading wicket taker - which he finds very funny, as he isn't a bowler. The newspaper has interviewed him, so I will be getting that when it comes out tomorrow.


Sheree said...

What a amazing effort that was Melleny! It must've been VERY exciting to watch!

Sheree xx

amanda said...

AWESOME!!!!! Way to go Chris - lucky the cheer squad was on hand:)

Brian Bailey said...

Why know? Every time I get to watch him it's duck or we duck of to the hospital with a split eye.
Well done mate keep some for me to watch next year.

Deb said...

cool chris...must be trying to impress "your" girls that were there...sounds like it worked. Well done - and isn't it always the way with the camera Mel....just when you really want it, it is at home.