Saturday, October 24, 2009

Musical Concert

On Wednesday night Jarred and Kloe had their Musical Concert at the Performing Arts Centre. Jarred's class started off the night with 'How the birds got their colours'. Jarred was a colourful parrot.

Kloe's class did two songs. Up there Cazaly's and Give me a home among the gumtrees. Up there Cazaly's was awesome - it was so funny.

The whole school ended the night singing - I am Australian. It was a fantastic night. The kids loved it, however were a little tired the next day.


Sheree said...

Love those cute pics Melleny! So great to hear the night was such a success. :)

Sheree xx

Jen said...

They look great! So glad it went well

Brian Bailey said...

Wish I had been there O well to far to go, Pictures are fabulous Melleny.