Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Scrapper of Oz Round Two

Round two challenge went up this morning.

- the title “If Only …”
- a distinct left and right side (mirroring the two hemispheres of the brain)
- a heart
- one of the historic symbols of courage (swan, bear, hand, arrow, beetle, lion, dog, unicorn or crown)

Here is my sample page
Page has been removed for Publication

Journaling reads: If only we didn't live so far away from your cousins. When Tom came to visit you were his little shadow.

We are walking together
my big cousin and me
When he is around,
I'm as happy as can be
We laugh and we play
Making memories from place to place
Friendships that will last through life
are things you can't replace
He tells me stories
as we walk along
I tell him things too,
In my own special way
And he understands
All the words I can't say
I'm happy as can be
As I'm standing by his side
Just being together
My big cousin and me.
Jarred and Tom - September 2009


Sheree said...

Well you know I just LOVE this page Melleny... and I love the poem too. Lovely!

Sheree xx

Kerryn said...

I LOVE this page Melleny. Gorgeous!!

Tanya said...

How beautiful!! LOVE how you cut the photo into a hand :)

Jen said...

Such a special layout Mel. Thanks for putting the journaling up, it was too small for me to read it in the gallery! Love it.