Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogger is not playing fair!

I have been trying to upload photo's for the last two days, but blogger is playing around and not letting me.

I have more fresh garden produce to show you. We have cherry tomato's coming out our ears. We are all going to look like a tomato. If anyone has any recipes for cherry tomatoes please let me know. I need them. We are still getting 2-3 zucchini's every few days. So yesterday Kayla and I made another cake and slice. I also tried to freeze some. I researched and they say it works, but I'm still a bit sceptical. Will have to see how it goes.

The weather has been HOT! Yes, you read right! HOT! We are expecting a week of HOT weather. I really need to soak it all up because it is going to get really cold, very soon. We went looking for a wood heater on Saturday. It was a bit funny because it was so hot. We are not spending another winter being cold.

Ok, so it is going to make a liar out of me - It just let me upload photo's
Look at these little beauties!First Tigerella Tomato's
And I made this mini album.

We have a long weekend, here this weekend. So today we are spending a very lazy day at home.

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Anonymous said...

mini album looks great, send me some tomatoes- they look very tasty. Hi to all